(robo)Call to Canadians !

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There’s more to come,

both in terms of comics

and well documented reasons

to challenge the Harper government

but isn’t that enough to




Our democracy is worth defending.

Please sign petitions

here, here, here, and here,

and get into our courts,

and into our streets,

and take our democracy back.

Take Canada Back.

Further recommended reading (links):

The Harper government colludes with  tar sands polluters

to kill or undermine clean energy and climate policy

in other nations through aggressive lobbying,

underhanded pressure, and public relations campaigns.

Even though their own documents reveal that they know the harm caused by tar sands development is irreversible.

That shouldn’t surprise us. The crime bill already proves

they will ignore any and all dissenting advice or research,

even from their own experts, in creating policy.

Dissenting voices of all kinds,

including a broad variety of concerned Canadians,

are smeared and attacked at every opportunity.

Canadian scientists are muzzled to prevent them informing

the public about their own research, even after publishing studies in major international journals.

Why shouldn’t they be? After all, climate change is a socialist plot against noble and reasonable free-market policies.

Or is the reality of climate change instead politically threatening precisely because it challenges that thinking?

Public dollars are even paying for climate misinformation at Carleton University, where a fossil fuel lobbyist has been teaching a course in climate denial for two years.

A staggering 142 errors, omissions, and misinformations

from the course are all detailed in this report.

Perhaps we shouldn’t feel surprised that these servants

of the 1% feel justified in cheating.

Apparently, it’s common among the wealthy.

We shouldn’t be surprised that under this government’s economic policy, Canadian workers continue to lose ground.

It’s also very common for educated conservatives

to be consistently out of touch with reality.

Facts have a known liberal bias, after all.

But really, what’s next? Reopening the abortion debate?

Either way, I think you’ll all agree change

in our electoral system is overdue.

It would be nice if parties could get together

to make that happen.

Which Canada did you vote for?