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These links about Stephen Harper’s government and policies back up the assertions in my comic, and point to further thoughts on the subject by others.  You don’t have to take my word for it, though; simply plucking some search terms from my comic should provide plenty of google fodder to inform and piss you off. 

Poll: Canadians care:

Deficit over $55 billion: biggest in history

Tax share:

Corporate tax cuts DO NOT lead to job creation. (full study)

Sign a petition to STOP further corporate tax cuts!

Richest 1% pay lower tax rate than poorest 10%:

Illustrated eloquently in The Trouble with Billionaires which you should be able to find at your local library: Highly recommended reading!

Lowest debt to GDP ratio: IMF quoted on government of Canada website:

CUTS TO: skills and literacy programs, Health Canada, foreign affairs, rights programs, defence of rights and freedoms, and more.

What Else did he tell U.S. Republicans?

Stimulus disproportionately spent in tory ridings:

Some words on eco energy retrofit program:

Conservatives lowball cost of warplanes:

Parliament also misinformed on G8 funding:

Tar sands subsidies larger than total Environment Canada budget:

Poor environmental record damaging to Canadian health:

All politics, no science.

Government admits we’re 35% above Kyoto, but it points fingers everywhere but at the primary source of our emission growth: dirty tar sands.

We were the only nation to not even try to meet Kyoto targets.

17% below 2005 emission levels is the Harper Government’s official target...

...which still lands us above 1990 levels:

Muzzling climate science in media, appointment of deniers to science granting bodies, end of funding for climate change research: (full study in PDF)

Troubling Evidence: The Harper Government’s Approach to Climate Science Research in Canada

Amundsen now leased to BP (also mentions end of funding for climate research)

Canadian foreign affairs lobby against green policies in other nations:


and in the EU:

Colossal fossil, round 3:

and round 4:

Control of media and communications:

Unconstitutional gag order:

Half million payout to former integrity commissioner includes prohibition against public comment:

A brief word on prorogation:

Appointed senate kills decision of parliament:

more simply and eloquently here:

Coalition then and now:

here's the infamous TVO interview from 1997:

Afghanistan: Colvin's credibility:

tidbits of testimony (the whole thing is public record):

watchdog Peter Tinsley's contract allowed to expire before a report could be compiled:

G20 call for inquiry, Conservative party response:

Dropping crime rates:

New super prisons:

Privatized prisons:

Bill C-25 alone may cost $10 billion:

Prison farms shut down:

Victims of crime programs unfunded in rush to spend on prisons:

UN security council seat loss:

Canada votes against UN declaration on aboriginal rights:

UN convention on biological diversity:

Agriculture committee members with Monsanto president rather than being at the vote while C-474 is killed:

Status of Women offices closed:

Equality removed from stated purpose of Status of Women offices:

Child poverty increase:

Infant mortality rates shocker:


Not "government of Canada" but "Harper government":

Reward Contempt of Parliament?

Joanna MacDonald excluded from Harper rally:

Not the RCMP’s job to deny Canadians access to democracy:

Harper won’t answer questions about why he’s blocking media:

Turning Canada into the U.S.?

Harper smack talks Trudeau:

Your Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

Funding Cut to Court Challenges Program:

Harper deficit largest in history after Liberals reduce debt for 11 years.

$1.2 billion dollar cut to child care programs.

Harper pledged to end subsidies for oil industry at 2009 G20 in Pittsburgh.  Hasn’t done anything about it, though.

Harper government spending priorities.

An astonishing list of slashed and defunded programs.

Budget officer’s report: F-35 warplanes will cost a lot more than Mr. Harper tells us.

U.S. defence budget considers cost of F-35s over $207.6 million apiece, over $304 million with R&D included.

Engines not included in purchase price, no money for search and rescue aircraft.

Software needed for upkeep of F-35s not available with purchase, maintenance only possible by U.S. military as a result

Contempt over failing to disclose fighter costs leads to election

Harper’s speech to involve Canada in the U.S. war in Iraq was plagiarized.

Rejecting the U.N. call for aid in peacekeeping.

Canada “has all but given up on professional peacekeeping.”

No more flag at half mast. Oh, and we’re also not allowed to show Canadian coffins anymore.  No pictures, no problem, right?

Harper on same sex marriages

An astonishing list of rights and advocacy groups defunded by Harper.  Note how many advocate for women:

Harper’s allies on the board subvert the politically independent Rights and Democracy group.

No abortion debate, but funding gone for pro choice groups.

Anti-abortion facebook posting by Conservative candidate.

Harper poised to reshape our supreme court:

Also here:

Harper priorities: no gun control, no abortion rights, no  equal marriage, but the death penalty’s okay.

Internet privacy a thing of the past for Canadians under Harper.

Slop pails and bodybags for natives.

‘Border infrastructure’ money spent in Tony Clement’s riding.

$100 million + in Clement’s riding, no expense spared.

Canada under Harper refuses U.N. resolution that water is a basic human right.

Other folks’ lists of reasons:

Ten reasons:

27 Reasons (great list):

One Hundred reasons (actually 107 at this time):

This is also eloquent:

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